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RRDR.R. Donnelley
RRDRoberto Ricci Designs (Italy)
RRDRound Robin Database (a system to store and display time-series data)
RRDRhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment
RRDRemovable Rigid Disk
RRDRegional Rail Division
RRDRadio Regulatory Department
RRDRegimental Reconnaissance Detachment
RRDReplacement Regulating Detachment
RRDRegular Retirement Date (when an AGR officer has 20 years of Active Federal Service)
RRDReduced Resolution Data
RRDRelease Requirements Document
RRDResonant Reed Decoder
RRDRemoval of Rigid Dressing
RRDRecurrence Rate Data
RRDResearch Results Digest (transportation)
RRDMinistry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (Afghanistan)
RRDRedundancy Rate Distortion (video coding)
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The management of RRD was described initially in 1920 by Gonin, and has since then seen many microsurgical advancements and sophistications.
As part of their initial RC training upon appointment, resource coordinators also receive hands-on training on the use of the RRD database by the responsible database analyst in PandA.
Today, even as American politicians of both parties are calling for a probe into reports that VP had a hand in the US election, enabling orange-topped DT to win over his opponent, RRD is not fazed as he's still in a daze over VP's smile that lingers above him like the Cheshire cat's.
All patients diagnosed of having RRD according to diagnostic criteria, aging 10 years and above, both genders were included in the study to determine the frequency of different grades of proliferative vitreo-retinopathy.
Scott Tarrant, president of RRD International, said, 'We are excited to have Brian join the RRD team.
This ensures that the property management company that was referred, is RRD approved, and not just the highest paying company.
Where Lxgreater than2 and x represents the number of the level At various depths the node having non sibling parents at same levels, the RRD will be computed as:
A resident Haqdar while talking to this news agency made an appeal to the RRD for provision of edibles items as he would put on safe the relief goods he received from the department.
The "Try" section has subsidiary pages for "my company's financials," "peer comparison," "sample RRD financials," "sample EDGR financials," and "XBRL analysis tool.
The RRD and RVD are obtained when the time coordinate of the RTD is converted to the number of accumulated screw revolutions (n) and the volume of the extrudate (v), respectively.