RRDSRelative Record Data Set
RRDSReduced Resolution Data Set
RRDSRecords Retention and Disposition Schedule
RRDSRegional Resource Development Specialist
RRDSReuters Reference Data System
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Under this contract, RRDS will manufacture, ship/deliver and provide warranty and installation services for the supply of bullet resistant panels to approximately 900 facilities throughout the United States and its territories.
Dois macacos-prego (M09 e M13) foram submetidos inicialmente a treinos de RRDS com um conjunto de dois estimulos, seguidos por treino de DCI com outro conjunto de dois estimulos (para linha de base), e, por fim, a testes de IG.
5) RRDS e um procedimento no qual dois estimulos ([S.
The RRDS ASTOR radar is designed specifically to fulfill the UK's ASTOR requirement using low risk technology.
Like RRDS, RSL maintains that its ASTOR proposal is fully compliant with the UK requirement and is stressing that, if it wins the competition, any follow-on ASTOR systems for export will be manufactured in the UK.
Already six CFA districts, including Whiteheads Creek-Tarcombe CFA station, are using RRDS, with the remaining brigades to transfer to the new system by August.
Digital, state-wide coverage, improved audio clarity and quality are key benefits of RRDS which also eliminates some known dead spots experienced in the old system.
The RRDS noncooperative bistatic radar has been tested both on land and at sea.
The RRDS Cygnus radar jammer and the CSEE Dagaie decoy launcher were fitted aboard an unidentified class of Kuwaiti warship that is probably no longer operational.
Obviously, the Litton RRDS offer best fits the Longbow Apache, but sources indicate that IHEWS variants will be offered for whichever airframe is selected.
The Octopus program is a collaborative venture between RRDS and Telefunken System Technik, with the latter providing |pounds~15 million worth of system parts into it.
5- to 18-GHz frequency range and is currently in service with what RRDS terms "two overseas customers.