RREFReduced Row-Echelon Form (mathematics)
RREFRow Reduced Echelon Form (matrix algebra terminology)
RREFRelative Resource Equity Formula
RREFRed River Expeditionary Force
RREFRadius of Reference
RREFRussian River Environmental Forum
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We also made hierarchical regression analysis for the three types of response expectancies we used: RE (non-religious response expectancy), RREF and RRED (the two types of religious response expectancies).
Branch Banking last November sold the debt to RREF for an undisclosed sum, according to an assignment document filed with Lane County.
According to articles in Florida business newspapers, RREF, or Rialto Real Estate Fund, is an arm of Miami-based Rialto Capital Management LLC, a subsidiary of publicly traded home builder Lennar Corp.
RREF in recent months has filed foreclosures against a business center, retail building and two warehouses in Florida, and a car dealership in West Virginia, after buying the debt from banks, according to news reports and lawsuits.
On Easter Sunday (9 April) 1871 Samuel Kennedy and a small party of men with links to the RREF arrived at the RIB.
28) In July and August of 1871, twenty-seven individuals published claims to land on the Boyne in the Manitoba Liberal; most of the claimants were serving or former members of the RREF and made their claims on the basis of the military bounty.
RREF CDO 206-1 will have a five-year reinvestment period, during which principal proceeds may be used to invest in substitute collateral subject to certain covenants and reinvestment parameters outlined in the governing documents.
RRE will be the collateral manager for RREF CDO 2006-1.