RRIVR-R Interval Variation (neurology)
RRIVRubber Research Institute of Vietnam (Vietnam General Rubber Corporation)
RRIVResting Rate Interval Variability
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Leprosy Table-IV: Distrubution of sensory and motor nerve impairment in patients with abnormal RRIV HV.
RRIV HV RRIV HV Total p###RRIV HV###RRIV HV###Total###p
Compared to the controls the RRIV values of the patients were found to be reduced during both resting and forced deep hyperventilation.
Methods: RRIV, SSR and blood pressure measurements were performed between 10 h 30 and 11 h 30.
RRIV was defined as a percentage of the average R-R interval using the following formula:
The average of five recordings during rest was termed rest RRIV and that of two recordings during deep breathing, DB RRIV.
RRIV: All AD patients completed the study of rest RRIV, but three patients (CDR = 3) failed in the study of DB RRIV because they were unable to perform regular deep breathing.
Rest RRIV in the control subjects showed a significant linear regression on age (Y = 15.
In comparison with control subjects, the AD patients had significantly reduced RRIV both during rest (n = 23) (6.
We further compared RRIV results with those of 23 age-matched ([+ or -] 2 years) (mean age, 70.
RRIV and blood pressure in AD patients of different severity by CDR: AD patients were divided into three groups according to clinical severity defined by CDR (Table II).
RRIV, SSR and the orthostatic test are simple methods for evaluatigg autonoffuc functions, even in patients with AD.