RRURoyal Roads University (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)
RRURèglement Régional d'Urbanisme (French: Regional Planning Regulations; Belgium)
RRURadio Remote Unit (antenna connection)
RRURadio Research Unit
RRURelief and Recovery Unit (UN)
RRURural Regeneration Unit (UK)
RRURemington Rand UNIVAC
RRUReduced-Resolution Update
RRURequest to Research/Upgrade (Joint Personnel Adjudication System)
RRURemote Reset Unit
RRURemote Radio Unit (telecommunications)
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RRU spins stories on their heads and shares original artistic reactions to the news via digital and broadcast media.
The IDPs have returned to Orakzai but the RRU is unable to start rehabilitation and reconstruction works so far because of delay in funds by the finance division,' he said.
The smallest RRU in the Magic series, the 80W module, has a size/weight of 9.
Through the RRU Programme Evaluation, responses were collected from those who already use the service.
vi) RRU 3-15-2011 quoting Asssitant Secretary PJ Crowley
This paper will focus on the key challenges that the RRU has experienced in the protection of unaccompanied foreign children in the Western Cape, including lack of suitable entry into South Africa's child care and protection system, the unclear interface between the refugee regime and the child protection regime, inability to access legal documentation for this category of children, and the poor level of knowledge of the legal and protection frameworks by government and frontline service providers.
The need for nimble, interactive, and online writing support at RRU is clear when considering that our student population consists primarily of adult learners who are returning to school while in the midst of an advancing career.
unique tower equipment solutions that seamlessly integrate with RRU
Judith Gavin, from Rhyl, showed she knows her onions when winning an RRU competition asking people why they loved using food co-ops.
An independent social enterprise, the RRU has helped create hundreds of community food co-ops in Wales as part of its commitment to support the regeneration of communities across the UK.
Closure designed to fit into congested areas at the antenna and RRU.