RRURoyal Roads University (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)
RRURèglement Régional d'Urbanisme (French: Regional Planning Regulations; Belgium)
RRURadio Remote Unit (antenna connection)
RRURadio Research Unit
RRURelief and Recovery Unit (UN)
RRURural Regeneration Unit (UK)
RRURemington Rand UNIVAC
RRUReduced-Resolution Update
RRURequest to Research/Upgrade (Joint Personnel Adjudication System)
RRURemote Reset Unit
RRURemote Radio Unit (telecommunications)
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Exhibit 168: Global RRU Shipment Forecast by Air Interface, 2011-2015 (Units).
Debbie Neale, general manager of the RRU said: "Food Co-operatives are a great way to benefit the local community, both financially and socially, and Owain's experience as a member of the Bodhyfryd Co-op bears testament to this.
ZTE RRU R9110 is based on BF4*8 Multi-Antenna technology, which effectively improves signal quality from a single base station, allowing extensive network coverage and enhanced network performance.
The 3M Slim Lock Closure can be installed with one hand and is specifically designed with a narrow body to fit into congested areas, such as compact tower-mounted RRUs and connection-rich multi-band, multi-service antennas.
Alcatel-Lucent is using its MCR radio transceiver architecture for its RRU product platform
Exhibit 7: Huawei RRU, Back View with Mounting Bracket 10
The RRU can be mounted on the existing mast, and combination antennas, if present, can be used for both 2G and 3G, thereby enabling additional cost saving on ancillaries.
Now, with RRU, retailers have the opportunity to provide employees with the on-going training they need to be the best at their jobs - offered in a flexible, blended learning environment that has proven to be the most effective way to deliver training.
Given the definition of value as the intersection of health plans' spending (resource use) and their results, RRU reveals the value that plans offer.
The ZTE RRU offering provides new heights of functionality and capability.