RRVRoss River Virus
RRVRapid Response Vehicle
RRVRhesus Rotavirus
RRVResident Return Visa (Australia)
RRVRoad Rail Vehicle (Back-hoe excavator used on both rail and normal ground)
RRVReturning Resident's Visa (New Zealand)
RRVRapid Reaction Valve (GSR Ventiltechnik GmbH; Germany)
RRVRaspberry Ringspot Virus (also seen as RRSV; plant pathogenic virus)
RRVRecord Relocation Vector (Lotus Notes)
RRVRoyal Rifle Volunteers (UK military)
RRVRaccoon River Valley (Iowa)
RRVRail Route Voyages (Swiss transportation company)
RRVReset Relief Valve (oil production)
RRVRhodesian Reconnaissance Vest
RRVRouting Requirements Vector
RRVRussian River Valley (winemaking region; California)
RRVRadial Resistivity Variation
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After all, Fuller brushes were just a product, and my Segue RRV Pinot Noir isn't, not exactly.
The clinical disease, diagnostic procedures, and epidemiology of RRV have been well described, but immunologic parameters in humans and their usefulness in the clinical follow-up of patients warrant further investigation.
In many cases the Ford Focus-based RRVs are able to reach people faster than regular ambulances, at the wheel will be an emergency care practitioner - a super-paramedic.
Contract notice: Belgium RRV Smoke grenade Launcher solution 76 mm.
We analyzed the effect of RRV introduction on specimen submission, the impact of the 1999 ACIP guidelines on specimen submission, and differences in the likelihood of rabies infection among bats with different submission characteristics.
But Mrs Hart pointed out that on future occasions where the RRV was the initial response vehicle and it was deemed inappropriate to take the patient to hospital, then an emergency ambulance or high dependency vehicle would be provided to transport the patient.
Mr Smith went on: "Instead of repairing the trucks and the RRV he (Connolly) devised the simple but grossly irresponsible and dangerously expedient practice of dismantling these brakes.
Within each county, the time between the first identification of RRV in an animal and finding a rabid coyote within that county ranged from 558 to 4,857 days; median was 2,799 days.
He said the target response following the RRV was 14, 18 or 21 minutes depending on whether it was an urban, rural or sparsely populated area.
Contract notice: Belgium RRV Canvas cover for light tactical military vehicle.
Areas of BU and RRV/BFV endemicity overlap geographically, but areas with RRV and BFV are more extensive and include inland river systems where BU has not so far been reported.