RRVRoss River Virus
RRVRapid Response Vehicle
RRVRhesus Rotavirus
RRVResident Return Visa (Australia)
RRVRoad Rail Vehicle (Back-hoe excavator used on both rail and normal ground)
RRVReturning Resident's Visa (New Zealand)
RRVRapid Reaction Valve (GSR Ventiltechnik GmbH; Germany)
RRVRaspberry Ringspot Virus (also seen as RRSV; plant pathogenic virus)
RRVRecord Relocation Vector (Lotus Notes)
RRVRoyal Rifle Volunteers (UK military)
RRVRaccoon River Valley (Iowa)
RRVRail Route Voyages (Swiss transportation company)
RRVReset Relief Valve (oil production)
RRVRhodesian Reconnaissance Vest
RRVRouting Requirements Vector
RRVRussian River Valley (winemaking region; California)
RRVRadial Resistivity Variation
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Jaguar, a subsidiary of Tata Motors Limited (NYSE: TTM), is launching its F-Type R AWD Bloodhound SSC RRV at the 2015 Coventry MotoFest in the UK, on May 30.
The RRVs are used on the network every night of the week for everything from maintaining signalling and overhead lines to delivering cable.
The natural isolations of JEV, RRV, GETV and Tembusu virus has already been documented earlier suggesting their susceptibility to these viruses.
Recent modeling suggests that the potential for RRV emergence in NZ, in the absence of a major vector such as A.
One of the RRVs is currently being exhibited outside the Queen Elizabeth II conference centre in Westminster, London.
He has merged various women in RRV s life into the Sugandha character - so it's not just one woman - and then of course there is the author's creative license, some dramatization and fictionalization.
The new bike will allow the youngster to make a step up to British Superbike level in 2012 but he remains focused on delivering the Aprilia RRV 450 GP Challenge title this term as the race team head into round two at Anglesey, where Folkard will look to cement his place at the top of the leader board and build on his fast-growing reputation.
From the end of this year, a fully crewed ambulance will arrive on the scene of a 999 call within eight minutes of a RRV getting there.
This short communication highlights the apparent relationship, and the need for further investigations to validate the role of dryland salinity expressions as potential habitat for RRV vector species in southern Queensland.
Dutton-Goldfield, Gary Farrell, Pellegrini, Williams-Selyem, Sebastopol Vineyards, Merry Edwards, Sonoma Coast Vineyards, and a dozen more are at the upper end of the RRV listing.
RRV is the most common arboviral infection in Australia--with 52,053 laboratory-diagnosed cases reported from when reporting began in 1992 until the end of 2003 (Communicable Diseases Network Australia 2004)--and is characterized by traditional rheumatic joint manifestations, rash and constitutional effects, and more recently described presentations including glomerulonephritis (Selden and Cameron 1996).