RS1Reporting Standard 1 (Accounting Standards Board)
RS1Runescape 1 (game)
RS1Repetitive Sequence 1 (genes)
RS1Registros Sistematizados / 1
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O filocrono foi menor na HP, diferindo do filocrono da RS1 nas duas ultimas epocas (11/08 e 28/11) (Tabela 1).
Para a variavel NFF entre as hastes, a HP teve maior NFF em todas as epocas, com excecao da primeira epoca de plantio (26/09/2006), quando NFF foi menor que a RS1 (Tabela 1).
E notavel que o filocrono aumenta mais da RS1 para a RS2 que da HP para RS1 (Tabela 1), o que pode ser explicado pelo fato de que o numero de hastes em crescimento na RS1 e de tres, enquanto que o numero de hastes em crescimento na RS2 e de 9.
Entre as epocas de cultivo, houve variacao no filocrono para RS1 e RS2, enquanto que o NFF variou com a epoca de cultivo em todas as ramificacoes (HP, RS1, RS2) (Tabela 1).
Neste trabalho, o fato de o fotoperiodo ter sido sempre superior a 12 horas e a regressao linear ter sido positiva entre NFF e fotoperiodo medio para HP, RS1 e RS2 sinaliza a favor dessa hipotese.
TDK will begin releasing SATA-compatible silicon discs equipped with the new GBDriver RS1 starting in May 2008.
The GBDriver RS1 controller supports the latest 4 Kbyte/page structure NAND Flash memories of all venders including new products.
The GBDriver RS1 controller secures expanded spare space for future bad blocks, has improved block control structures within the controller, and is equipped with an address control mechanism structure that can be used even when a large number of inherent bad blocks occur in the memory in a short period.
The GBDriver RS1 controller completely prevents collateral errors that result in corruption of data other than the data being written if power is interrupted when writing data.
RS2, as with RS1, was alternately planted in the greenhouse and field, self-pollinated, and screened for both low palmitic and stearic acid content through the B[C.
Plant Variety Protection will not be requested for RS1 and RS2.
For more demanding applications, the RS300 modular research rheometer offers all the features of the RS1, and additional features designed to extend control, including a unique vector-controlled motor that permits high dynamic response in transient tests.