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RS3Runescape 3 (video game)
RS3Removable Solid State Storage
RS3Rainbow Six 3 (video game)
RS3Resident System Support Specialist
RS3Removable Solid-State Storage
RS3Reconnaissance & Surveillance Sensor Suite
RS3Resveratrol Synthase 3
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Our commitment to our military and national security agencies are demonstrated each day by our staff, and SRI will provide the same level of commitment to the RS3 customers.
To some, the Gulf Cooperation Council seemed an odd choice of location for the global launch of Audi's RS3.
Audi AG, a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), is launching its all-new RS3 Sedan at the 2016 Paris Motor Show.
SLIMMED DOWN Audi makes great play of the fact that this RS3 Sportback has shaved some 55kg off the weight of its predecessor, which coupled with the power increase, lifts its power to weight ratio from 218 to 241PS per tonne.
The standard Sportback is a goodlooking platform to build from and the RS3 looks resolved in a way that few range-topping sports variants manage.
The new RS3 is powered by one of Audi's famous and distinctive fivecylinder engines.
The first A3 model to wear an RS badge, the RS3 looks to convince buyers that paying so much for a five-door sports hatch represents a viable proposition.
To keep all that power under a degree of control the RS3 is equipped with Audi's quattro four-wheeldrive system, which is just as well, as that kind of power going through the front wheels could present more than a few challenges.
Fortunately for those lucky 500, the RS3 is a storming little car and sits firmly in the tradition of the famous quattros that came before it - whether driven by rally drivers or TV detectives.
This enables an RS3 with a 350-millimeter arm to work on pallets as large as 494 millimeters by 494 millimeters, a size that currently requires a 700 millimeter robot.
Leftlanenews, an automotive news magazine, has revealed details of the Audi RS3 sedan from spy shots of a test car.