RSABRadio St Austell Bay
RSABRolling Stock Acceptance Board (Rail Safety and Standards Board; UK)
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Partial correlation analysis was then conducted to investigate the effect of ltitude on SAB, RSAB, PL, and RPL.
We then applied multiple linear regression analysis with the 6 environmental factors as independent variables and the RSAB as the dependent variable to determine which of these caused variations in the
Were significantly correlated with RSAB (Table III).
The association of RSAB with altitude, FFP, and WIN can be visualized more directly in the scatter diagrams in Figure.
We found no variation in the shape of the auditory bullae, but SAB, RSAB, and PL significantly and positively correlated with increasing altitude, while RPL was negatively related.
RSAB includes the group travel firm DIR International and the hospitality company The Executive Club.
RSAB chief executive Rudy Smith (right) shakes hands with Phillip Griffin and his shop manager, Linda Donovan, after his firm's purchase of Stratford Ticket Shop