RSRBRemote Source-Route Bridging
RSRBReed Smith Richards Butler (law firm)
RSRBRelationships (Statutory References) Bill (New Zealand)
RSRBRight Solid Rocket Booster (spaceship part)
RSRBRolling Stones Revival Band (band)
RSRBReusable Solid Rocket Booster (aerospace engineering)
RSRBResearch Subjects Review Board (University of Rochester; New York)
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New SNA-specific features include topology views of logical SNA connectivity with translation to the underlying physical network; router configuration checks to identify problems; evaluation of connection requirements for reachability and security, including connectivity and performance analysis for SDLLC and LLC2 traffic over SRB, RSRB and DLSw+, simulating the propagation of explorers; router, link and LAN utilization views and reports by network protocol, application and communicating pairs; and evaluation of overhead consumed, allowing users to make the best protocol and encapsulation choices for their networks.
For example, an RSRB (Remote Source-Route Bridging) map provides detailed data on traffic, peer status, etc.
APPN will be included in the Cisco Internetwork Operating System* (Cisco IOS*), permitting native routing of SNA concurrently with IP, RSRB (remote source-route bridging) and other protocols supported on Cisco routers.