RSRCRailway Safety Review Committee (Indian railways)
RSRCRemote Sensing Research Center
RSRCRegional Science Resource Center (Massachusetts and Kentucky)
RSRCReno Ski & Recreation Club (Reno, NV)
RSRCRehabilitation Sciences Research Centre (Australia)
RSRCRoad Safety Research Centre (University Putra Malaysia)
RSRCRolfs Sports Recreation Center (University of Notre Dame; Notre Dame, IN)
RSRCRemote Site Reuse Center
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The recognition performance of our method and RSRC are shown in Figure 6 with different yaw angles.
Caption: Figure 5: Performance comparison of the method RSRC by Hsu et al.
8% Proposed Pose RSRC [14] Depth method Fusion Texture Frontal 100% 100% 100% 100% [+ or -]30[degrees] yaw 99.
Keren Nzolantim, a Grade 5 learner at Ehenye Primary School, is excited about the modern facilities at the RSRC.
Senior Librarian John Sikopo, who is responsible for the Children's Section at the Helao Nafidi RSRC, is convinced that the centre will make a difference in local communities.
Nangolo Alice Ndapanda, from Tulihongeni CS, is excited about the variety of literature available at the Helao Nafidi RSRC, while Helvi Nangombe is looking forward to children sitting at the colourful keyboards of the kiddie's computers at the resource centre.
Caption: A panoramic view of the Omaheke RSRC at Gobabis
41) In response to this ruling, the government instituted a cumbersome 'natural justice' process for the RSRC involving an exchange of letters before the committee made its final ruling.
The RSRC is responsible for meeting on an as-needed basis to review requests for religious practices, programs, groups, or items that are not already approved in the handbook and for submitting recommendations to the commissioner for final review.
Saudi Aramco is currently finalising discussion with a foreign partner to establish RSRC as a joint venture.