RSRFRelative Spectral Response Function (astronomy)
RSRFRevenue Shortfall Reserve Fund (various states)
RSRFReaction of Spontaneous Rosette Formation (immunology)
RSRFRival States, Rival Firms (book; Cambridge University Press)
RSRFRett Syndrome Research Foundation (Since 1999; Cincinnati, Ohio)
RSRFRevenue Sharing Reserve Fund
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The partnership between IRSA, RSRF and the NIH underscores a central tenet of the NIH Roadmap.
Agreements such as this initiative with IRSA and RSRF take our relationship one step further and therefore represents a new approach to advancing research for the benefit of patients.
I applaud this new partnership between IRSA, RSRF and the NIH; a collaboration that will help bring leading experts together to work on this unique and puzzling neurological disorder that affects one in every 10,000 girls," said Congressman Hoyer.