RSRFRelative Spectral Response Function (astronomy)
RSRFRevenue Shortfall Reserve Fund (various states)
RSRFReaction of Spontaneous Rosette Formation (immunology)
RSRFRival States, Rival Firms (book; Cambridge University Press)
RSRFRett Syndrome Research Foundation (Since 1999; Cincinnati, Ohio)
RSRFRevenue Sharing Reserve Fund
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Cellular signal booster manufacturer SureCall is working with enterprise-focused division of RepeaterStore RSRF to provide building owners an alternative to Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) at a fraction of the cost, the company said.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-October 20, 2016-SureCall, RSRF to provide DAS alternative
The RSRF Upgrades shall consist of the replacement of sump pumps, replacements of blend tank mixers motors and gear boxes, cake pump rehabilitation, cake bin improvements, replacement of a bi-fold hatch, the addition of hose stations, the addition of an odor masking agent system, miscellaneous valve replacement, replacement of HVAC equipment, replacement of boilers, providing a radiant heating system, lighting replacement, electrical substation rehabilitation, providing a key card access system, rehabilitation of truck unloading areas, and other miscellaneous mechanical, structural, architectural, HVAC, plumbing, I&C, electrical, and civil work as shown and specified.