RSRMRemote Sensing Retrieval Methods
RSRMRemote Sensing Rock Mechanics (geology)
RSRMReporting Services Report Manager
RSRMRai Saheb Rekhchand Mohota Spinning & Weaving Mills, Ltd. (India)
RSRMRedesigned Solid Rocket Motor
RSRMReusable Solid Rocket Motor
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Laurence Rudman, director of RSRM (Redcar and Cleveland) said "We are delighted to be involved not only in a project which will provide so much for the local community but also the dropping of time capsules which will mark the efforts of the pupils of Lakes Primary School and be a historic record of the project in future years.
Since 1988, 210 RSRMs have flown on 105 shuttle missions.
Significant investments and technical upgrades made to the RSRMs as a result of the robust test program have produced a human-rated rocket motor that has achieved:
As we move closer to the completion of the Space Shuttle Program, ATK continues its focus on a rigorous test program, with the final RSRM static firing in just two weeks," said Mike Kahn, ATK Space Systems executive vice president.
After the flight, the RSRMs were jettisoned from the orbiter and external tank by ATK's 16 Booster Separation Motors (BSMs).
The remaining shuttle flights will be supported by ATK's rocket motors while similar versions of the RSRM and BSMs motors are being tested and developed to be used on NASA's newest crew launch vehicle, Ares I.
After their flight, the RSRMs were jettisoned from the orbiter and external tank by ATK's 16 Booster Separation Motors (BSM).
The motor was seven and a half years old, just slightly older than the motor ATK tested in May of this year, making it the oldest RSRM to ever be fired.
After two minutes, 16 ATK booster separation motors (BSMs) - four on the forward skirt and four on the aft skirt of each booster - fired to jettison the boosters away from the shuttle orbiter and external tank, allowing the RSRMs to parachute back down through the Earth's atmosphere to be recovered and reused while Atlantis continued on its way to meet up with the Hubble Space Telescope.
ATK's RSRMs and BSMs will be used for the remainder of the Space Shuttle program with upgraded versions being used on NASA's next-generation launch vehicle, Ares I.
The motors launched were the 100th flight set since the redesigned RSRMs were first flown more than 20 years ago.
ATK-manufactured RSRMs provided the main thrust at liftoff and carried the orbiter and its payload to an altitude of approximately 28 miles in two minutes of flight.