RSRPRecovery Science Review Panel (US NOAA)
RSRPRoad Sector Reform Project (Bangladesh)
RSRPRadioactive Source Recovery Program (US Department of Energy)
RSRPReal Stories, Real People
RSRPRocznik Statystyczny Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej (Polish: Statistical Yearbook of Poland)
RSRPReference Signal Received Power (3GPP LTE)
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Hence, in the first place, we are interested on accurately predicting the best connection the UE would select in idle mode and the RSRP field measurements it uses.
In our case, the field measurements representing the RSRP at a given location were collected using a small truck equipped with the spectrum analyzer Rohde & Schwarz, the functionality of which supports LTE signal analysis.
To minimize the deviation in the measured RSRP values, and the impact that small-scale fading has in larger-scale path loss [10], all field measurements were post-processed so that a single value, the median, was calculated for each of the measured locations.
As defined in [15, 27], the minimization criterion is the squared-sum difference between the predicted and the observed RSRP levels, the definition of which is shown later in Equation (6).
RSRP versus PUSCH Throughput (average and edge of cell)