RSRRRouting Support for Resource Reservations
RSRRRepairs/Strengthening/Retrofitting/Reconstruction (various contracts)
RSRRRising Sweep Ramp Rate (analog devices)
RSRRRoad Safety Red Route (transportation scheme; UK)
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an RSRR higher than the national observed readmission rate) in at least one of the three cohorts was classified as having an "excess readmission ratio.
As-expected: hospital's RSRR CI covers the national observed rate.
The VA now publicly reports hospital RSRRs for veterans age 65 and older on VA Hospital Compare, and these are calculated using index hospitalizations, readmissions, and risk factors obtained from VA-only data.
Among the access to care factors, the strongest effect was of higher numbers of general practitioners per capita (adjusted difference in RSRR between highest and lowest quartile [95 percent Confidence Interval]: -0.
For example, if the national 30-day readmission rate for a condition was 20 percent, the RSRR for this hospital would be 22 percent for a hospital with an ERR of 1.
We simulated the payment impact of each hospital in FY 2015 under the HRRP using the RSRR computed from the regression analysis and the payment policy rules.
The HRM approach adjusts readmission rates of small hospitals so that their RSRRs tend to be closer to the national average than their actual observed rates.