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RSSReally Simple Syndication
RSSRDF Site Summary
RSSRich Site Summary
RSSNational News Agency (Nepal)
RSSRoyal Statistical Society (Jordan)
RSSRegional Spatial Strategy (UK)
RSSReceived Signal Strength (wireless communication)
RSSRashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (India; National Volunteer Corps)
RSSreceive-side scaling
RSSResident Set Size (*nix command)
RSSReduced Space Symbology
RSSRiverside Secondary School
RSSRadio Science Subsystem (newsgroup)
RSSResearch Support Services (Vanderbilt Medical Center)
RSSRotating Service Structure
RSSRetail Store Solutions (IBM)
RSSRéseau Santé Social
RSSRudolf-Steiner-Schule (German: Waldorf School)
RSSRemote Storage Service
RSSRoot Sum Square
RSSRecombination Signal Sequence
RSSRadio Service Software
RSSRemote Surveillance System (Tom Clancy)
RSSRotary Steerable System (oil field)
RSSRashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan (Sanskrit learning foundation; India)
RSSRegimental Support Squadron
RSSResource Sharing System (libraries)
RSSRoland Sound Space (Roland Music)
RSSRelay Spam Stopper
RSSRescue Swimmer School (Navy and Marine Corps)
RSSRadio Standards Specifications (Canada)
RSSRanked Set Sampling
RSSReactor Safety Study
RSSRadio Security Service (UK)
RSSRepetitive Strain Syndrome
RSSRésumé de Sortie Standardisé
RSSRemote Sensor System (US Army; aka REMBASS)
RSSRemote Sensing Service
RSSRadial Shaft Seal
RSSRockdale, Sandow, and Southern (railroad)
RSSResource Description Framework (RDF) Site Summary (lightweight XML format)
RSSRecruiting Substation
RSSRadar Signal Simulator
RSSRigid Spine Syndrome
RSSRadio Sub System
RSSRegional Surveillance System (VSS)
RSSRouting Subsystem
RSSReusable Space Systems (Boeing)
RSSRough Surface Scattering
RSSRegional Supply Squadron
RSSRadar Secret Service (band)
RSSRemoting Subsystem
RSSRepublic of Singapore Ship
RSSRobert Stobie Spectrograph (Southern African Large Telescope)
RSSRoot of Sum of Squares
RSSRedundant System Slot
RSSReceipt, Store and Stage (bioterrorism response)
RSSRemote Subscriber Stage (Sonera)
RSSRosette Scan Seeker
RSSRadar Support System
RSSRussell-Silver Syndrome, X-Linked (Partington syndrome)
RSSRemote Service System
RSSRailway Signalling System
RSSReactor Shutdown System
RSSRail Surveillance Service (railroads)
RSSResidential Support Services Inc.
RSSRail Security Service
RSSRitscher-Schinzel Syndrome
RSSRetek Store Systems
RSSResident Site Supervisor
RSSRuneScape Signatures (gaming)
RSSRing Segment System
RSSRobina State School (Gold Coast, Australia)
RSSRequisitions Self Service
RSSRemote Switching Sites (Bellcore)
RSSRemote Satellite Simulation
RSSReady Service Spare
RSSReady Supply Store
RSSRemote Slave Station
RSSResources Status Review
RSSReal Stream System
RSSResidential Subscriber System
RSSRange Safety Simulation
RSSRadiation Shielding Suit (gaming)
RSSRegiae Societatis Sodalis (Fellow of the Royal Society)
RSSRange & Synchronization Subsystem
RSSRadiodetermination Satellite System
RSSReplacement Service System
RSSRemote Switch Subsystem
RSSRegional Switch Surveillance (Sprint)
RSSRequirement Spread Sheet
RSSRemote Subscriber Service
RSSRemote Supervisory Station
RSSRequest for Supplies and Services
RSSRecall Sensor/Store System
RSSRemote Station Scanner (Alcatel)
RSSRoaming Service Setup
RSSRemote Site Subsystem/System
RSSRemote Safing Switch
RSSRussell Stover Samplers
RSSRecording and Streaming Server (video conferencing)
RSSRepubbliche Socialiste Sovietiche (Italian: Soviet Socialist Republics)
RSSRedside Shiner (fish)
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Microsoft will support RSS in its new products Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7, which will result in a drastic increase in RSS usage.
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Users can browse the content and Web sites managed in Stellent Universal Content Management, conduct searches for content, and then subscribe to and receive individual content items or groups of content via an RSS feed.
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