RSSDResearch and Scientific Support Department
RSSDReplication Server System Database (Sybase)
RSSDReduced-State Sequence Detection
RSSDResponses of Savannas to Stress and Disturbance
RSSDReduced Size Secure Digital
RSSDResearch Statistics Supervision Discount (US Federal Reserve Board)
RSSDReceived Signal Strength Detector (satellite communications)
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Of the 1,028 unique RSSD IDs in our family-level data set, about 85 percent are banks and 15 percent are thrifts.
RSSD IDs are the primary identifier for the FR Y-9C.
Moreover, the lexicographic sources that have been consulted, such as the CNPDSUE, DASCE, OED, RDMASUE, RSSD and TTEM dictionaries make note of the slang use of the verb to goose, that is 'to poke or tickle a person in a sensitive part, especially the genital or anal regions' (19th > 20th centuries).
Tests involving some stimulus sets were also preceded by the RSSD procedure.
For each bar, the letter below the abscissas corresponds to the stimulus set used (see Figure 1); an asterisk below the letter indicates that this test was preceded by the RSSD procedure.
On five tests with new stimuli (none of which had an RSSD history), he averaged 90% correct.
Not fully clear from our present data is the degree to which the RSSD pretraining promoted generalized identity MTS performance.
A major reason for our RSSD procedure was to verify that the animal could rapidly reverse an established discrimination and would not respond perseveratively to the experimental stimuli whose selection was previously reinforced.
Therefore, the occurrence of RSSD in mammals may be explained more satisfactorily by natural selection (Andersson, 1994).
Slooten (1991) proposed an interesting hypothesis for the occurrence of RSSD in cetaceans, suggesting that a minimum size may be necessary for a newborn cetacean to survive.
The enhanced Kontron COBALT with RSSD and the AIRES GbE Rugged Switch with PTP features will be showcased at DSEI September 12 - 15, 2017, at ExCeL London, in Kontrons booth #S3-280.