RSSERussian Spring Summer Encephalitis (tick-borne virus)
RSSERecommendation Systems for Software Engineering (International Workshop)
RSSEReduced-State Sequence Estimation
RSSERoyal Society Summer Exhibition (UK)
RSSEResearch in Social Studies Education
RSSERouting and Switching Specialization (certification)
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327 and RSSE = sum of squared residuals on fitting a quadratic equations to the combined sample = 1010.
For any [lambda] [greater than or equal to] 0, the sequence of RSSE values, defined by the Algorithm 1 converges.
isolated TBE virus from Ixodes ovatus ticks collected in the region and demonstrated that the isolated viruses were antigenically close to RSSE virus (12).
The RSSES was developed to assess social self-efficacy beliefs when presented with risky peer situations, specifically situations involving conflict and peer pressure.