RSSIReceived Signal Strength Indicator
RSSIReceived Signal Strength Indication
RSSIRussian Space Science Internet
RSSIRailway Systems Suppliers, Inc.
RSSIResponsable Sécurité des Systèmes d'Information (French: Head of Information Systems Security)
RSSIReceived Signal Strength Intensity
RSSIRequired Supplemental Stewardship Information (US Army)
RSSIReceiving Signal Strength Indication
RSSIRobotic Security Systems, Inc. (Panama City, FL)
RSSIReceipt, Stowage, Segregation and Issue
RSSIRough Sea Surface Influence
RSSIResidual Signal-Strength Indicator (communication circuits)
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ToF is considered a much superior method for determining distance compared to RSSI.
Skaiciuojant SQI parametro tiesine priklausomybe nuo RSSI parametro (7 pav.
Then, after the transmitter received the acknowledgement, the ZigBee module on the transmitter reported the RSSI data of this link to the receiver and the receiver stored the data to the data logging module.
While localisation method based on a received signal strength index (RSSI) simplifies the device design in most cases, the fluctuation of RSSI due to multipath and fading of the radio signal propagation often results in a poor accuracy.
The Board found, however, that in many cases the word "supplementary" in the RSSI title caused certain readers to assume that the information was of secondary importance.
In fact, the average RSSI London price in 1995 was the highest in nominal terms this century and the New York price was the highest with the exception of only three years, 1909, 1910 and 1911.
PCTEL will showcase its portfolio of wireless network connectivity solutions at the ENTELEC and RSSI trade shows later this month.
The SA606 is a low voltage high performance monolithic FM IF system incorporating a mixer/oscillator, two limiting intermediate frequency amplifier blocks, quadrature detector, logarithmic Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI), voltage regulator and audio and RSSI op amps.
th] annual RSSI C&S exhibition will feature hundreds of exhibits from domestic and international rail suppliers showcasing the latest technologies in the rail industry, and technical programs from a wide array of rail disciplines.
RailComm will be present at RSSI Booth #1845 to showcase its new offerings in the event, slated to take place between 4th and 7th October, 2015, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Su duomenu perdavimo sparta labiausiai susietos yra RSSI, RSCP, Ec/No, CQI, moduliacijos, UE Tx galios parametrai, taip pat naudojamu kodu skaicius (Kaaranen et al.
Coverage can be viewed based upon MAC addresses, RSSI, SSID and more.