RSSPRegional Safe School Program
RSSPResponse Session Start Positive (ITU-T)
RSSPReformed Supply Support Program
RSSPRice Seed Storage Prolamine
RSSPRight Superior Pulmonary Vein
RSSPRadio Shack Service Plan
RSSPRainbow Springs State Park
RSSPRange Safety Standardization Program
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We utilized qualitative methods to describe and explain the implementation issues with regard to the use of RSSP at the school and to check the fidelity of implementation.
Three students dropped out of the study or were eliminated from the study due to missing data resulting in 11 students in the RSSP condition and 13 in the control condition.
This RSSP provides real time pitch recognition and feedback to the user.
The students took a battery of cloze reading assessments generated by the RSSP to establish each student's instructional reading level.
For the RSSP students, the program determined each student's vocal range based on the individual's singing voice.
The treatment group sang with RSSP for 30 minutes, three times per week, for a total of 90 minutes per week and used the RSSP in the school media center.
As a result of limited interaction between the RSSP and eligible refugee families, a sense of disconnection and disempowerment has developed and continued throughout the years.
In 2004, the RSSP administration decided to tackle the problem of dependency and to move toward helping refugee families gain the skills to make independent decisions, to achieve self-reliance, and to contribute to their own well-being (UNRWA, 2004).
The purpose of this study was to measure the effectiveness of the Certified Educational Program (CEP), which was designed and implemented as a training course to empower relief workers working with RSSP.
Participants in the study were relief and social service workers (N = 263) who were part of the RSSP in five geographic areas in 2006 (Jordan, fifty-three participants, or 20.
This limited educational background and training represented a major hurdle when the RSSP committed to revise its mission and direction.
7 hectares are under preparation on all LWH sites and will be planted with various crops including maize, soybeans, banana, climbing beans, Irish potatoes, beans, peas, and vegetables, while on RSSP sites,1960 hectares will be planted with maize and beans.