RSSRRecommended Swing Speed Range (golf)
RSSRRestricted Sum of Squared Residuals
RSSRRussian Soviet Socialist Republic
RSSRRotterdamse Studenten Sport Raad (Dutch)
RSSRRed Square Soviet Republik (band)
RSSRRed Smoked Smoked Red (VW tail light pattern)
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2 RSH + 6 FeO(OH) - > RSSR + 2 Fe304 + 4 H20 (1)
RSSR = sum of squared residuals from the pooled linear regression
One form of the likelihood ratio test is based on the F-ratio(9) F = [(RSSR - USSR)/q]/[USSR/(n - k)] where RSSR and USSR are the restricted and unrestricted sum of squared residuals respectively, q is the number of restrictions imposed by the null model on the composite equation, and n - k is the degrees of freedom in the composite equation.