RST-VReconnaissance, Surveillance and Targeting - Vehicle (US Military HMMWV replacement concept vehicle)
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The RST-V is one more of a growing number of robust hybrid electric military vehicles incorporating UQM products.
As many as 21 RST-V Shadows could be carried in a C-5 Galaxy or 12 in the C-17 Globemaster.
To do this, the RST-V has a pneumatic suspension system that can be lowered to reduce the Shadow's dimensions.
Without a conventional mechanical drivetrain to take up space, the RST-V has the same cubic storage capacity as a Humvee.
We were very pleased to see that our digital power control and conversion systems performed well in the test of RST-V vehicles under off-road conditions.
The Marine Corps expressed interest in the potential the RST-Vs demonstrated during a recent Limited User Evaluation at [the U.
Additionally, the magazine said the RST-V can be employed as a battlefield ambulance, an armor and weapons carrier, a personnel carrier or for "light-strike duties" or "air defense logistics.