RSTCRecreational Scuba Training Council
RSTCRegional Science Teaching Center (Xavier University; Philippines)
RSTCRoyal Sabah Turf Club (Malaysia)
RSTCRemote Sensing Technology Center (Mississippi State University; Mississippi State, MS)
RSTCRig Safety and Training Coordinator (oil rig professional)
RSTCRegional Standards and Testing Center (Department of Science and Technology; Philippines)
RSTCReconnaissance-Strike-Target Complex
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Ato Bereket Semere, RSTC Sales Manager, shrugs: "We keep our profit margins low - 10 or 20% on electrical goods and 5% on food, so that people can buy what they need at low cost.
Take a glance in the window of any RSTC store if you can see through the crowds - you'll find quality imported goods without the usual markup.
As an unofficial market regulator the RSTC has the trust of the people and is an important stabilising force in Eritrea's transition from command to liberal economy.
But business is business and the RSTC has to maintain a competitive edge if it is to survive the loss of its monopoly.
The RSTC project will require Earth Search to collect Probe 1 hyperspectral data over a number of research sites in Mississippi beginning in early May 2002.
The RSTC is focusing on next-generation technologies for agriculture and natural resource management," said David Shaw, RSTC Director.
Mississippi State University established the RSTC to focus on developing applications of remote sensing technologies in agriculture, forestry, transportation and environmental assessment.
The ETW and RSTC are two of Northumbrian Water's principal wastewater treatment facilities.
The Regional Sludge Treatment Centre - RSTC - doesn't just treat sludge produced on Teesside.