RSTDRoyal Star Tour Deluxe (Yamaha motorcycle model)
RSTDResidual Soft Tissue Density
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Correlation between the number of reads and RSTD were determined by nonparametric Spearman correlation.
For Helicos, our data showed 1 D21 sample, with the overall lowest amount of reads, to have the lowest RSTD ratio, but overall we observed no correlation between RSTD ratio and the number of uniquely mapped reads on either platform [Helicos, Spearman r = -0.
For the noninvasive detection of fetal T21, RSTD ratios for all 19 maternal plasma samples are shown per chromosome for each NGS platform (Fig.
Our data show RSTD ratios for T21 samples in a range of 1.
Samples can be normalized against averaged normalized RSTD from both adult male plasma controls (Fig.