RSTVReconnaissance Surveillance Targeting Vehicle (USMC hybrid electric/gasoline combat vehicle)
RSTVreal-time synthetic video (US DoD)
RSTVRide Safer Travel Vest (car seat)
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Nonetheless, the cancellation of the light truck program may now revive the Marines' interest in the RSTV, said Raymond Shaw, director of business development at General Dynamics.
The four RSTV prototypes continue to be tested at the company's Michigan facility, said Shaw.
The Army is a potential customer for the RSTV, he said.
The industry expert said that, in his opinion, the Marines are becoming enamored by hybrid-electric technology like the RSTV, and the lure of possible fuel savings.
When the procurement strategy changed last year to "non-developmental items," that eliminated the RSTV from the competition, said Shaw in an interview, "ITV required an already-developed chassis, which the RSTV was not.
The RSTV was a research and development program to create a hybrid-electric powered vehicle that would fit in the V-22.
But Shaw still believes there is a future for RSTV in the Marine Corps.