RSTWRice Sangalis Toole and Wilson (Houston, TX)
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n WHAT: RSTW Exhibition from the private collection of Larry Gagosian
The viewing and judging of the inventions will be held on the first four days of the event, while the awarding will be part of the closing ceremony of the RSTW (August 18).
State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), regional and local government units as well as other partner stakeholders are also joining in the RSTW celebration.
The culminating event on July 27 will be the awarding ceremonies for RSTW Exhibitors, RICE winners and DOST Region III Service and Achievement Awards.
DOST-7 Regional Director Edilberto Paradela in a press conference said the RSTW aims to emphasize the importance of science and technology (S&T) in bringing science to the people and in achieving sustainable and inclusive development.
The DOST, together with the CCCI, stressed that this years RSTW is about the concept of bringing science for the people, inspiring them to grow livelihood businesses by taking advantage of the increasing growth of S&T as well as translating health research from basic science to meaningful outcomes.
Conversion operating agency Niederbiegen SpDrL 60; RSTW Mochenwangen and Ravensburg.