RSYReform Synagogue Youth (London, England, UK)
RSYRenaissance South Yorkshire (UK)
RSYRural Sociology (course)
RSYRomanian Statistical Yearbook
RSYRegular School Year
RSYRashtriya Sadbhavana Yojana (India)
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As the process slowly morphed into how the mission is executed now, a series of RSY and forward retrograde elements (FRE) are set up across the CJOA-A like a spider web of retrograde support.
FREs had double to triple the personnel conducting R3D and had materials-handling equipment to assist with the materiel being received, sorted, and shipped back to an RSY for final disposition.
1; Wild Life Act, RSNL 1990, c W-8; Wildlife Act, RSY 2002, c 229; Wildlife Act, RSNWT 1988, c W-4; Wildlife Act, SNu 2003, c 26; The Wildlife Act, 1998, SS 1998, c W-13.
The ethical concerns variable, ETH, is not significantly correlated with the Responsibility scale, RSY (p > .
Study plots were divided into 25 contiguous squares; squares were 8 x 8 m for three 40 x 40 m plots (GIN, RSY and STJ) and 10 x 10 m for the 50 x 50 m plot (RSO).
The BAF RSY was the main retrograde hub for Regional Commands North, East, and Capital and supported up to three additional FREs located in northern and eastern Afghanistan.
CONTROV OVO ERSY RSY RS Roberts, left, and concussion victim North Roberts, left, and concussion victim North Y
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Environment Act, RSY 2002, c 76, preamble, s 38: see also Environmental Rights Act, RSNWT 1988, c 83, s 1.
The two-door hatchback - displaying the same RSY 176 registration plate as Mrs Walker's massive military machine - was again seen illegally parked in February.
Rofin-Sinar Inc, Plymouth, MI, is putting the emphasis on beam quality and versatility with its RSY 150 P, a 150-W YAG laser for welding, cutting, drilling, and marking applications.
By disposing of materiel at the FREs, the Army saved approximately $2,000 per 20-foot container in transportation costs from the FRE to the RSY.