RSZRijksdienst Voor Sociale Zekerheid (Belgium National Social Security Office)
RSZRadio Society of Zambia (Kitwe, Zambia)
RSZRailway Systems of Zambia Ltd. (Kabwe, Zambia)
RSZRe-Scaled Sum of Z-Scores
RSZReplication Slow Zone (biological chemistry)
RSZRanotsara Shear Zone (geology)
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RSZ controls for the relative size of the offering and can capture various wealth effects.
The greatest correlation involves LFS with both INS and RSZ.
With each repetition, one of the following variables is deleted: INS, ECH, RSZ, and LFS.
When tested with ECH, RSZ, and TYP, the variable from this data set is significant at the 1% level with t= -2.
RSZ is only significant if we omit LFS from the test.
facility adjacent to the first building, RSZ will commence manufacturing Nitrophyl(R) floats in March of next year.