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RT-PCRReverse-Transcription-Polymerase Chain Reaction
RT-PCRReverse Transcriptase-Polymerase Chain Reaction
RT-PCRReal-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction
RT-PCRReverse Transcriptase-Polymerase Chain Reaction Method
RT-PCRReverse Transcriptase-Polymerase Chain Reaction Technique
RT-PCRReverse Transcription and Polymerase Chain Reaction Analysis
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Zika virus RT-PCR and, in selected cases, immunohistochemical (IHC) testing, were performed at CDC's Infectious Diseases Pathology Branch (IDPB) on FFPE tissue specimens submitted from completed pregnancies (i.
RT-PCR for Zika virus was performed for amniotic fluid, umbilical cord blood, and placenta samples; results were negative.
Keywords: Bovine calves, group A rotavirus, RNA-PAGE, RT-PCR, Nested-multiplex PCR, G and P-genotyping.
Up to 2012 two RT-PCR studies were found, both published in 2011, one of which was published by Kalantri et al.
Among women who had an adverse pregnancy or birth outcome, 24 (75%) tested positive for Zika virus via RT-PCR, compared to 8 (36%) women with live-born healthy infants (P = .
RT-PCR was done by Taqman probe method using the following primers.
According to the company, the molecular RT-PCR tests identify the presence of Zika virus RNA in a specimen, while antibody serology tests identify the presence of antibodies created by the body in response to infection.
Viracor-IBTs Zika Virus Real-time RT-PCR has excellent sensitivity and does not cross-react with other viruses in the Flaviviridae family (including dengue virus, Japanese encephalitis virus, West Nile virus and St.
Collect clinical samples disease of swine manure, according to the above method of RT-PCR.
Around 106 suspected Ebola patients in Sierra Leone were tested by both RDT (performed on a fingerstick blood sample at the point-of-care) and by standard RT-PCR (performed on plasma in the laboratory).