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RT3Reverse T3
RT3Railroad Tycoon 3 (game)
RT3Request Tracker 3 (software)
RT3Reverse Tri-Iodothyronine (pediatrics)
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T4 can also become RT3 by removing the iodine from the 5-locus on the inner ring via enzyme 5 (not prime) de-iodinase or 5 Dl.
The HT- RT3 comes with a USB, HDMI-out x 1 and can be flawlessly synched with BRAVIA TVs.
Regression equations for RT3 activity monitors to estimate energy expenditure in manual wheelchair users.
The financial "encouragement" by the DOE toward reforms like the Common Core and value-added models (VAMs) of teacher evaluation through RT3 has resulted in a direct transfer of curricular and financial decision-making power from individual to local, local to state, and state to national/private entities.
Each friction sensor is sampling multiple times per second up to 100Hz of Halliday RT3 Curve used in LTU's research vehicle.
Each subject wore the same RT3 accelerometer on the dominant hip during waking hours for 7 days in the first and seventh weeks.
The RT3 accelerometer, is a triaxial accelerometer which uses advanced microcomputers to register body motion (specifically, the electrical energy of acceleration and deceleration) during activities that involve energy cost.
Hendrick P, Boyd T, Low O, Takarangi K, Paterson M, Claydon L & Milosavljevic S (2010): Construct validity of RT3 accelerometer: A comparison of level-ground and treadmill walking at self-selected speed.
Volkswagen has set its sights on another hat-trick for Volkswagen Motorsport, presenting the new Race Touareg 3, or RT3, to the public in Germany with a spectacular world debut show set amongst chariots and gladiators last month.
Volkswagen, Europe's largest automaker, recently unveiled the new Race Touareg 3, or RT3, primed for securing a third consecutive Dakar victory in South America next year.
Summary: RT3 the ideal mix of revolution and evolution to conquer rally
Multiple regression analysis was also performed with CF1, CF2, and GR as variables, and SI3 and RT3 as predictor variables, r, R, and r' denote simple correlation coefficient, standard multiple correlation coefficient, and standard partial regression coefficient, respectively.