RTAAReno-Tahoe Airport Authority (Nevada)
RTAAReciprocal Trade Agreements Act of 1934
RTAARainbow Triangle Alumni Association (Canada)
RTAAReal-Time Activation Request
RTAAReal-Time Activation Acknowledgement
RTAAReal Time Aerosol Analyzer
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The RTAA was renewed in 1937 and 1940, substantially on the same grounds that had led to its enactment in 1934.
The RTAA will perform preliminary acceptance of the equipment following on-site
118) See Epstein & O'Halloran, supra note 76, at 223; see also Jide Nzelibe, The Myth of the Free Trade Constitution 1-2 (unpublished paper) (on file with author) (describing the collective action view of the RTAA as the conventional narrative).
186) As Michael Gilligan argues, the genius of the RTAA was to tie the desires of exporters for access to new markets to the interests of import consumers, turning powerful exporters into a counterweight against import-competing firms interested in protectionism.
One reason why the RTAA and the TEA were so successful in reducing tariffs is that they empowered the President, who, with his national constituency, is generally considered more pro-free trade than Congress.
RTAA can be a valuable tool when used in a positive way within a coaching-oriented environment.
tariffs usually are attributed to cuts in tariff rates resulting from negotiations undertaken as a result of the RTAA, principally the GATT, which was formed in 1947.
The RTAA is seeking a bank loan in the maximum principal amount at any time of approximately $22,000,000 .
RTAA has very low leverage with its unrestricted cash balances representing a very high 133% of its current outstanding long-term debt.
Currently, only dislocated workers over 50 years of age who are re-employed at a reduced salary are eligible for RTAA, which provides a wage subsidy up to $10,000 over 2 years.