RTACRegional Targets Advisory Committee (California)
RTACReproductive Technology Accreditation Committee (Fertility Society of Australia)
RTACRegional Technical Assistance Center
RTACRegional Transportation Advisory Committee (various locations)
RTACResearch and Technology Advisory Committee (US NASA)
RTACRegional Trauma Advisory Council (Wisconsin)
RTACRotational Translational Actuator
RTACRural Transit Assistance Center (Macomb, IL)
RTACReal-Time Automation Controller
RTACRéflexe Tonique Asymétrique du Cou (French: Asymmetric Tonic Neck Reflex)
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C'est la premiere fois, a ma connaissance, que RTAC parle du travail d'artistes de scene dans sa section Forum, et je suis tres heureuse de voir que cela se produit dans ce numero.
RTAC and CAC exhibited a similar surface chemistry as revealed by FTIR and pHpzc studies the higher mesoporosity played a significant role in enhancing the adsorption capacity of RTAC for liquid phase adsorption of lead and nickel removal.
Adequate desorption as well as reusability without significant loss of efficiency established the practicality of the developed system and demonstrated an important criterion of advanced adsorbent in RTAC for waste water treatment.
2) RTAC is self-funded by IFV clinics, a voluntary process that has been accepted throughout Australia (Australian and New Zealand Infertility Counsellors Association)
Other organizations involved in the CompTIA RTAC include Avaya Inc.
For more information on the CompTIA RTAC, please visit http://www.
Depuis plus de trois decennies, RTAC est un lieu de debats, d'echanges et de decouvertes pour une communaute dynamique de chercheurs qui etudient le theatre et la performance au Canada et, de plus en plus, a l'etranger.
Au cours des 34 annees qui se sont ecoulees depuis la parution du premier numero, RTAC a atteint bon nombre des objectifs que s'etaient fixes Plant et Saddlemyer.
H E A RTAC H E Sir Jeremy Be e c h a m I N S P I RAT I O N Lady Brenda Beecham raised awareness
There was extensive discussion of the IMF s plans to implement the recommendations of the mid-term external evaluation of the Center, including steps to further improve monitoring and reporting of results, efficiency, the effectiveness of training and RTAC governance.
I would also like to note that the work being carried out by the RTACs will be reinforced by other IMF capacity development initiatives, including those that utilize todayA[sup.