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gyur/ bstan 'gyur/ sa skya gong ma lnga/ ngor chen rdo rje 'chang sogs kyi bka' 'bum gser dul (5) sha stag (6) gis (7) bzhengs/ brag dkar theg chen gling bzhengs/ dge 'dun gyi sde btsugs/ nyams pa sor chud/ ma nyams pa gong 'phel gyi bdag rkyen bskyang/ rgyal srid chos srid kyi mdzad pa bla na ma mchis pas (8) mtha' bzhi'i khrims dar (9) / skad rigs mi gcig pa mang po la dbang bsgyur bas/ chos rgyal 'di yi gdung la a ham dang/ phyag rtags la a tham ste nyi 'og kun to khyab pa byung' (10) /
Bod kyi rig gnas lo rgyus dpyad gzhi'i rgyu cha bdams bsgrigs, issue 9, "Gros mthun don tshan bcu bdun la ming rtags bkod pa dang lag len star rgyu'i skor gyi gnas tshul", Lhawutara Thubten Tenthar, Tibet Military Region Press, 1986, pp.
zhes gsungs te | rnam pa gtad pa'i phyir myong bya myong byed rdzas tha dad par thal zhes rang bzhin gyi rtags kyi thal ba yin la | rdzas tha dad myed pas rnam pa gtad sa myed ces pa khyab byed mi dmyigs pa'i rang rgyud yin no.
98) CHOS, 7 [CHOS[supm], 4a]: "[Dharmakirti] claimed that inasmuch as what is extremely invisible is the probandum of an argument [based on] scripture, [it] is included in what is invisible" (shin tu lkog gyur ni lung gi rtags kyi dpag bya yin pas lkog gyur tu 'dus par bzhed do //).
na bun]mi yal bar bya ba'i phyir/ bye brag rang rang gi lo rgyus sam yon tan dang / bab chen drug las 'das pa bla ma spyi'i yon tan dang gnyis so/ dang po bye brag rang rang gi lo rgyus la yang gnyis/ zhang zhung gi grub thob bdun dang bod kyi grub thob rnams kyi lo rgyus so/ de la dang po zhang zhung gi grub thob bdun gyi grub pa snyems pa yon tan gyi rgyud la lnga ste/ dang po rtsang ma mi lus thob pa yab dang yum gyi lo rgyus dang / las 'phro dang skal bayod pas [63] grub thob kyi bla ma dang ji ltar mjal ba'i lo rgyus dang gnyis/ sa gnas khyad par can du rten pa'i tshe du bzhugs pa'i lo rgyus dang gsum/ thun mong gnas skabs kyi grub rtags dang bzhi/ rtogs pa mngon gyur thun mong ma yin pa'i yon tan dang lnga'o/ > [542.
He in fact never lived at Pha bong kha, but rather meditated for a period of time at the nearby hermitage of Rtags brtan sgrub phug.
460 we have: gang gi phyir grub pa la sgrub par thal ba dang rjes 'gro med par 'gyur ba de'i phyir zhes sbyar le kha na ma tho ba ni skyon yin no // bzhi pa sgrub byed la mi mtshungs pa ni / dngos po de'i khyad par rtags su bzung ba med par dngos po tsam zhig sgrub byed yin pa la ni rjes su 'gro ba nyams pa med do // gang zhe na.
15) each of which contains the design of an "endless knot" (Sanskrit "srivatsa"; Tibetan dbal be'u) which is one of the eight auspicious emblems of Buddhism (Sanskrit: "Astamangala"; Tibetan bkra shis rtags brgyad).
Familiarity with the Rtags kyi hjug pa ("Second Grammatical Treatise") is hinted at from time to time (e.
He composed eight treaties, including the Sum bcu pa (a treatise on grammar) and Rtags 'jug (a treatise on guide to spelling) needed for the Tibetan language, and presented them to the king.
In the Yongs 'dzin bsdus grwa, the study of bsdus grwa text is classified into five sections; (1) Rigs lam chung ngu's rnam bzhag, (2) Rigs lam 'bring gi rnam bzhag, (3) Rigs lam che ba'i rnam bzhag (4) Blo rigs kyi rnam bzhag, and (5) rTags rigs kyi rnam bzhag.