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RTAIReal Time Application Interface
RTAIReal-Time Artificial Intelligence (computer science)
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In its continuing support for open source development, Lineo has released generic MIPS support to the open source RTAI development group, now available from the RTAI project page at: http://www.
Lineo offers the RTAI board support package (BSP) add-in for Lineo Embedix(R) SDK 2.
Previous Lineo RTAI support for x86 and PPC processors is now supplemented with support for the MIPS processor family.
Lineo provides support to developers implementing real-time solutions based on either RTAI or RT Linux.
Linux, Lineo has contributed heavily to the development of RTAI.
This also allows developers to take advantage of new features and services incorporated into either RTAI 1.
numerous features, services and enhancements to RTAI since RTAI
With TimeSys Linux/RT, engineers can build real-time systems based upon the RTAI layer, emphasizing speed and small footprint for fully tested applications.