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RTAIReal Time Application Interface
RTAIReal-Time Artificial Intelligence (computer science)
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La prueba de "switches" proporciona informacion sobre la cantidad de tiempo maxima que RTAI necesita para deshabilitar las interrupciones; se obtuvo un tiempo maximo de 817 ns para la ejecucion de 10 tareas; tambien se verifico que el tiempo de conmutacion es menor que el tiempo de latencia maximo, una condicion que es requerida por el sistema.
Real-Time Experiments in Remote Laboratories Based on RTAI.
Performance characteristics of Linux RTAI based systems
To improve system performances and for adding real-time support RTAI extension was taken in consideration [2].
RTAI was built as additional part for Linux and can be executed both in kernel mode as well as user space.
Since RTAI does not provide hardware support for the new ARM920T based chips integrated by Cirrus Logic we decided to use the Adeos Patch file for 2.
For maximum efficiency, we used RTAI as a kernel module and for that reason test programs were compiled also as kernel space modules.
By using this, one may benefit from the high level services offered by Linux, file systems, MMU, software tools, as well as the real time performance that comes with RTAI.