RTAPRural Transit Assistance Program
RTAPReal-Time Application Platform
RTAPRapid Technology Application Program (Department of Homeland Security)
RTAPReal-Time Analytical Platform
RTAPRetrieving the American Past
RTAPReactor Training and Procedures
RTAPRadiation Therapy Advisory Panel (Australia)
RTAPRemote Test Access Placer
RTAPRunway Template Action Plan (FAA tracking new runway construction and commissioning project)
RTAPRead The Article Please
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RTAP is a proven supervisory control platform running in thousands of industrial installations worldwide for companies such as British Energy, California Water Service Company, Enbridge Pipelines, RWE and Shell.
Verano's RTAP hierarchical database is key to providing a scalable environment.
In addition, headwall monitoring using an RTAP is done before anyone opens and enters a storage igloo.
The RTAP Baseline Evaluation will be formative and will provide a broad understanding of how partners currently work together, considering current performance to inform future RTAP programming.
PCS consists of four major elements, most of which are built from base components supplied as part of the HP RTAP product:
Partnering with Verano to implement RTAP as its SCADA platform enables FIMA to offer a one-stop solution, providing its customers with increased flexibility, scalability and management responsiveness.
Ten years ago, in the early days of RTAP, computer use in road departments was almost nonexistent.
National Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP) is requesting proposals from interested and qualified firms or individuals to assist with planning, logistics, and on-site management of a national conference sponsored by National RTAP and its partner organization, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) on October 27-30, 2015 in Denver, Colorado.
By analyzing these email connection patterns, RTAP is able to detect anomalies that may represent threats -- such as bulk spam deliveries, mail bombs, dictionary attacks and Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks -- and block the network's connection to these servers.
For these reasons, a primary objective of RTAP is the development of a small, rugged, portable device that is capable of accomplishing explosives trace detection on assorted vessels and within facilities in maritime environments.
The new program may include urban areas of up to 1 million population as well as the rural areas already covered under the RTAP.