RTAPIReal-Time Application Programming Interface
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The combination of RTAPI and RightNow Voice provides telephony capabilities that no other CRM vendor can currently match," Vincent Deschamps, CEO of Echopass, said.
Thanks to RTAPI, Five9 has been able to quickly and easily leverage RightNow Voice to offer our customers high-impact voice-enabled CRM capabilities that they would otherwise have only been able to obtain through a costly, risk-intensive engagement with a blue-chip systems integration services provider.
RTAPI provides a diverse range of integration functions designed to meet the needs of customers with a variety of telephony environments, including:
RTAPI extends the leadership position taken by RightNow in the integration of voice functionality with CRM since its acquisition of Convergent Voice and its introduction of RightNow Voice in June 2005.
RightNow telephony partners are already using RTAPI to deliver innovative voice-enabled CRM capabilities.