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RTBReturn(ed) to Base
RTBReasons to Believe (Pasadena, CA)
RTBReasons to Believe (website)
RTBRight to Buy (UK home buying)
RTBReason to Believe (advertising)
RTBRed Tail Boa (snake)
RTBRead the Book
RTBRural Telephone Bank
RTBRanger Training Brigade
RTBRed Telefónica Basica (Spanish)
RTBRadio Télévision du Burkina (French: Radio Television Burkina; national public broadcasting organization; Burkina Faso)
RTBRoll the Bones (Rush album)
RTBRun the Business
RTBRemovable Terminal Block
RTBResearch and Technology Board (NATO)
RTBRun the Bank
RTBReal-Time Business
RTBRecherche Technologique de Base (French: Technology Research Base)
RTBRoatan, Honduras - Roatan (Airport Code)
RTBReal Time Billing
RTBRegional Tourist Board
RTBRead Tape Binary
RTBRear Transition Board
RTBRegional Training Brigade
RTBRe-Transmission Buffer
RTBRegression Test Bank (software)
RTBRed Tag Bastards (US Air Force Academy)
RTBRockie The Bastard
RTBRip the Bring (RC groups forums and fliers)
RTBRufty Tufty Biker
RTBResistance Thermometer Bulb
RTBResolver Tracking Bridge
RTBRemote Test Base
RTBRight-Time Bank
RTBRemoving the Barriers (various organizations)
RTBRanking the Brands (marketing)
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With the introduction of RTB into the Fyber platform, our goal is to serve as a one-stop shop for publishers to manage all of their mobile advertising needs," said Janis Zech, co-founder of Fyber.
Inge Wood: Newly recruited to RTB is Inge Wood, wife of another RTB member, Jim Wood.
The company also stated that no injuries or accidents related to the RTB or PAS issues have been reported.
The element of RTB which is most interesting is that you can pay the right price at the right time for an impression -- bidding for the audience that you want," said Atherton.
Our proprietary DSP connects with every major RTB exchange globally and we're thrilled to have the opportunity to work with individual publishers as well.
The RTB will continue to look for ways to use the COE within the framework of Ranger School.
Mr Mountain discovered that as long as the person wanting to buy the property is under 60 and there have been no special adaptions made to the bungalow, it can't be exempted from the RTB scheme.
RTB uses volunteers to drive its own minibuses and vehicles owned by community groups to transport people with disabilities, mental ill-health, the elderly infirm, people with learning disabilities and people who suffer rural isolation.
The new closures, 43mm RTB, 70 RTB and 82mm RSB, feature 'Fred', the Homepride Man and are supplied by three different factories in Europe.
The UESA RTB will support testing of advanced radar components that are potential candidates for replacement of the TRAC-A antenna currently in use on the Navy's E2-C Hawkeye surveillance aircraft.
On July 12, 1994, RTB filed Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State to form a new corporation, and a charter was granted on that day to the new entity, Subco, Inc.