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RTBReturn(ed) to Base
RTBReasons to Believe (Pasadena, CA)
RTBReasons to Believe (website)
RTBRight to Buy (UK home buying)
RTBReason to Believe (advertising)
RTBRed Tail Boa (snake)
RTBRead the Book
RTBRural Telephone Bank
RTBRanger Training Brigade
RTBRed Telefónica Basica (Spanish)
RTBRadio Télévision du Burkina (French: Radio Television Burkina; national public broadcasting organization; Burkina Faso)
RTBRoll the Bones (Rush album)
RTBRun the Business
RTBRemovable Terminal Block
RTBResearch and Technology Board (NATO)
RTBRun the Bank
RTBReal-Time Business
RTBRecherche Technologique de Base (French: Technology Research Base)
RTBRoatan, Honduras - Roatan (Airport Code)
RTBReal Time Billing
RTBRegional Tourist Board
RTBRead Tape Binary
RTBRear Transition Board
RTBRegional Training Brigade
RTBRe-Transmission Buffer
RTBRegression Test Bank (software)
RTBRed Tag Bastards (US Air Force Academy)
RTBRockie The Bastard
RTBRip the Bring (RC groups forums and fliers)
RTBRufty Tufty Biker
RTBResistance Thermometer Bulb
RTBResolver Tracking Bridge
RTBRemote Test Base
RTBRight-Time Bank
RTBRemoving the Barriers (various organizations)
RTBRanking the Brands (marketing)
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Following this write back of Ore Reserves the operating life of RTB Boron has been reduced by 7 years and is anticipated to run until 2042.
RTB encourages council tenants to buy their homes but Kirklees Council only gets to keep one-third of the money generated by the sale.
In its first 18 months in office, the Duterte administration already embarked on three RTB issuances.
From website/blog owners to application developers can now integrate the dJAX SSP and be a part of the RTB ecosystem.
This development makes RTB House one of the first retargeters so extensively using deep learning - the most promising subfield of AI research.
If we are to stand a real chance of solving our housing shortage, councils need the funding and powers to replace any homes sold under RTB quickly and reinvest in building more of the genuine affordable homes our communities desperately need.
Robert is nervous when Chrissie gets involved in the RTB investment deal and orchestrates a near-death experience to stop her asking awkward questions.
This comes as good news to RTB House, whose client base has multiplied dramatically since it launched operations in Dubai in 2016.
RTB spokeswoman Rosalind Carroll said it is the first index looking at the period since rent pressure zones were introduced and will be "an important tool to monitor the impacts of the new measure".
RTB builds off the FTB concept by supplying contingency-ready Airmen to augment base-recovery forces in the event of a natural disaster or other contingency.
1: RTB and pro- grammatic buying are the same thing.