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RTBFRadio Télévision Belge Francophone (French-Speaking Belgian Radio and Television)
RTBFReadiness in Technical Base and Facilities (US Department of Energy)
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With this project RTBF aims to upgrade the complete network to a contemporary digital wireless solution, replacing the existing different equipment.
The man worked at Brussels airport and had access to planes on the tarmac, said broadcaster RTBF and newspaper Le Soir, citing judiciary sources.
A witness told RTBF they heard two blasts and shots from heavy weapons during the police raid.
RTBF cited witness saying several people were seen injured or fainted in the departure hall of the sidewalk opposite the Sheraton Hotel near Maelbeek station.
La televisora belga puntualiza que durante su investigacion Mokiejewski no obtuvo respuestas precisas de la firma cuando la busco: "Rehusarse a dar entrevistas constituye siempre un riesgo y es muy facil quejarse despues", reclama la RTBF a Coca-Cola, en cuya demanda tambien asegura que es mentira que la refresquera se haya negado a responder sus cuestionamientos y que en todo caso "ella no se dirigio a los interlocutores que podian contestarle".
In May, the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertes (CNIL) ordered Google to apply RTBF removals not only to the company's European domains such as google.
According to RTBF, some left-wing political parties believe however that Molenbeek municipality is indirectly supporting the colonization of the Palestinian West Bankwith settlements, which are illegal under international law, as the municipality continues to sign contracts with companies working in these settlements.
Witnesses speaking on Belgium's RTBF radio described a series of rapid fire at the centre of Verviers, near a bakery and in the area of the train station.
According to RTBF, a Belgian broadcasting company, a person with a backpack opened fire, then fled.
In Belgium, the rules apply only to the World Cup and public broadcasters VRT (Dutch) and RTBF (French) have the rights.
C'est ce qu'ont realise Catherine et Philippe Lorsignol, deux journalistes belges, dans une remarquable et tres serieuse enquete pour la RTBF.
If not, I repeat, I am at Everton," the 24-year-old told radio station RTBF.