RTDPReal Time Data Processing
RTDPReal Time Dynamic Programming
RTDPRegional Talent Development Programme (netball; UK)
RTDPRobotics Technology Development Program (US Department of Energy)
RTDPRadar Target Data Processor
RTDPRobotics Technology Demonstration Program
RTDPReal-Time Decision Problem
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The AFCCA held that the SJA did not err by not advising the convening authority about the RTDP in the addendum to the SJAR.
Meanwhile, in Taylor, the AFCCA had no difficulty upholding the absence of comments from the SJA about the RTDP.
RTDP generally distributed more rapid tests to states and territories with higher estimated numbers of persons aged [greater than or equal to] 13 years living with AIDS (Figure).
Of the 48 coordinators interviewed, 43 (90%) said RTDP enabled their organizations to screen more clients for HIV because the program provided them with additional tests (cited by 35 coordinators [81%]) or because clients did not have to make a second visit to the clinic and meet with staff members a second time to receive their results (33 [79%]), increasing client acceptance of testing and increasing staff availability for testing additional clients.
Editorial Note: The findings in this report suggest that HIV testing might be increased by using rapid tests and that RTDP might have enabled diagnosis of HIV infection in persons who would not have known their HIV status otherwise.
To help prevent expiration of tests, RTDP organizations also should ensure that comprehensive inventory-control mechanisms are in place and that initial orders for rapid HIV tests are based on accurate estimates.
Many of the RTDP recipient organizations participated in another CDC evaluation of rapid HIV test quality-control procedures, which documented that rapid HIV tests were rarely exposed to temperatures outside of specified ranges (CDC, unpublished data, 2006).