RTDSReal-Time Data Services (Sybase)
RTDSReal Time Data Services
RTDSReal-Time Data System
RTDSReal-Time Display System
RTDSReal-Time Disk (operating) System
RTDSReutilization, Transfer, Donation, or Sale (US Government, solid waste)
RTDSRange Track Display System
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RTDS has also been applied to real-time data sources other than spacecraft telemetry.
Systems have been developed using RTDS for aircraft flight test operations by NASA's Dryden flight Research Facility [2] for monitoring the X-29, and by the Air Force Flight Test Center [1] for monitoring the F-15 Short Takeoff and Landing demonstrator aircraft.
RTDS had to meet both hard and soft real-time constraints.
RTDS receives Space Shuttle telemetry as soon as the data reaches Mission Control.
Instead, RTDS logs information about the data acquisition (such as pointers, number of bytes transferred, overflow flags) to shared memory.
Several other RTU features are critical to the performance of RTDS.
RTDS is an interesting statement on the power of current engineering workstations.
When RTDS started we thought of data display and computation along traditional mainframe-based terms.
In RTDS, faults monitoring tasks were structured so that only key detection logic was being evaluated every second.
This was not detectable by flight controllers looking at the RTDS displays.