RTDXReal-Time Data Exchange
RTDXReal Time Data Exchange
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Additionally, engineers can increase the functionality and flexibility of their systems by using RTDX VIs in LabVIEW where they can customize controls and indicators on the LabVIEW front panel and incorporate data simulation and analysis using LabVIEW.
DSP library tokens generate fixed-point C code -- Enhanced package available for error-correcting codes (block encoder/decoder and convolutional encoder/decoder) -- Enhanced Texas Instruments DSP support through Real Time DSP Architect (RTDA) -- Generated C code meets TMS320 Algorithm Standard to facilitate eXpressDSP Compliant(TM) algorithm development -- Automatically establish RTDX input/output channels to facilitate co-simulation using SystemView's RTDA source/general/sink tokens
The RTDX interface can be used to "monitor" the DSP and display and evaluate results.