RTEPRegional Transmission Expansion Plan
RTEPRequest for Task Execution Plan
RTEPRegina Test of English Proficiency (Canada)
RTEPReal Time Event Processor
RTEPRegional Transit Expansion Program (California)
RTEPReal Terms Earning Power
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The RTEP values were then used as independent variables in non-linear models describing aboveground biomass accumulation in cotton.
Statistical Analysis and Model Verification: Correlation analysis between accumulated RTEP and RAGBA were performed using SPSS 17.
The results showed that cotton has a sigmoid growth pattern that can be best explained using nonlinear growth models with RTEP as the independent variable in the model (Figure-3).
PJM supports PATH-VA's motion to withdraw, which will allow time for PJM to perform a comprehensive review of system needs as part of its RTEP process.
The fourth edition of the RTEP report provides a comprehensive description of transmission projects and a detailed explanation of resource requirements, including the location, timing and amount of needed new supplies.
Previous RTEP reports identified resource constraints in Southwest Connecticut, the State of Connecticut, Greater Boston and Northwest Vermont that create both local and regional reliability concerns.
The RTEP report is the result of a yearlong collaborative process with industry stakeholders, including state regulators and market participants, to develop a comprehensive system assessment and transmission planning analyses to define projects that maximize reliability and system efficiency and minimize transmission constraints.
The RTEP study now provides a range in cost estimates due to many external factors affecting the development of the region's energy infrastructure.
The RTEP process tells us how to get to where we want to go: reliable electric service for all of New England," said van Welie.
In 2001, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) gave ISO New England the responsibility to develop a regional transmission planning process and oversee the development of an RTEP plan to serve the needs of the overall wholesale electricity market.