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Business Signatures Anomaly Detection with Customer Notifications solution is based on the company's "no API integration" RTFD product, enhanced with real-time customer notifications using an approach proven in the credit card industry.
The addition of e-FraudMart to our flagship RTFD product opens up the capability of our platform in a truly revolutionary way," said Peter Relan, chairman and CEO of Business Signatures.
Both RTFD and M2FA require no changes to Web application logic, allowing for small, straightforward implementation efforts.
As the RTFD is a highly-technical document, Hall will act as a "translator" between the authors and the participants.
Release of information from the ARD and RTFD will educate complementary wireless standards bodies around the world on the WMF's activities, which should facilitate working relationships and information exchange between these groups and the WMF.
The RTFD will be based on application requirements specified in the ARD.
In such cases, the RTFD will reference standards that comprise appropriate portions of the technical framework and describe a means of ensuring interoperability between such standards.
It began evaluation of compression techniques and control protocols to recommend in the RTFD for the delivery of streaming media.
Year-end 2000 has been set as the target date for the public release of the Forum's streaming media RTFD.
Hall said he expects products based on the RTFD to become available in 2001.