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RTFSRainbow Trout Fry Syndrome
RTFSReal-Time Financial Services
RTFSReal Time File System
RTFSRomanian Translators for Free Software
RTFSReturn To Flying Status (US DoD)
RTFSRead the Freaking Source/Spec
RTFSRead The Freakin' Screen (polite form)
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Although the sample is short, it is useful to compare the RTFS predictions with the NABE macroeconomic outlook for the five quarters from 2002Q1 through 2003Q1.
Table 3 shows the RTFS forecast that was done at a roughly equivalent time in the quarter as the forecasts contained in the NABE survey.
The table shows that the behaviors of the NABE and RTFS forecasts are quite similar.
Initially, we focused on using the RTFS to predict the specific quarterly values of real GDP growth.
We continue to experiment with and to further develop the RTFS.