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RTFXRealtime Financial Exchange (website)
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Vikas Srivastava, Citigroup Global Head of Fixed Income Ecommerce, said: "We are delighted to add RTFX to our client offerings and look forward to leveraging the global footprint of Reuters desktop to distribute our liquidity to clients.
Alan Clarke, Global Head of e-FX at HSBC, commented: "Connecting HSBC's pricing engine to RTFX allows us to trade with an increasing number of client relationships.
Zurich Cantonal Bank's prices will be fed to the RTFX platform using the Reuters Electronic Trading - Automated Dealing pricing engine.
RTFX allows banks and their customers to trade foreign exchange from their Reuters desktop.
The main features of the RTFX Asset Management service are:
Clients can monitor their account, performance and positions that RTFX has executed on their behalf via secure online access
Barclays Capital's move raises the total number of live banks on RTFX to six - with another nine expected to go live by the end of the year.
With Precision Pricing available on RTFX, Asian clients will have access to higher levels of transparency and execution efficiency through pricing up to a 5th decimal place in key currency pairs and a 3rd decimal in USD/JPY and EUR/JPY.
Initially, the implementation will provide completed trade affirmations (using the TWIST protocol) from the RTFX platform.
Reuters support for TWIST in their RTFX initiative helps enable the interoperability that corporate treasuries are demanding in order to gain the efficiencies of STP that standardization brings.
RTFX will help stream-line access to bank FX liquidity at competitive transaction rates, whilst simplifying the trading cycle, reducing processing costs and eliminating transaction errors.
RTFX allows banks to capitalise on their e-commerce infrastructure investments by distributing them to Reuters 327,000 desktop community.