RTPARecombinant Tissue Plasminogen Activator
RTPARadiotelevisión del Principado de Asturias (Spanish: Radio Television of the Principality of Asturias; broadcasting company; Asturias, Spain)
RTPARegional Transportation Planning Agency
RTPAReal Time Process Algebra (software architecture)
RTPARestrictive Trade Practices Act
RTPARádio Televisão Portuguesa Açores (Portuguese TV Channel)
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RTPA would use "a destination-based model in addressing collection of sales and use taxes from online sales," however, unlike the Senate bill "RTPA also would include additional audit protections and a longer transition period for small remote sellers," NAREIT says.
In many ways, the RTPA was the location for planning authority necessary to diffuse the tensions left unresolved by AB 69.
Additional designations like RTPA were often layered on top of the existing ones.
36 Members of the Assembly Transportation Committee, including Deddeh and John Foran, proposed a solution: further empower the newly created RTPAs by devolving planning authority from the state to the regions and provide them with the ability to implement those plans.
When AB 69 was under consideration in the Assembly Ways and Means Committee, amendments empowering RTPAs were lobbied for by 'anti-highway, pro-regionalism' elements who agreed with Deddeh and Foran.
These officials requested the creation of county directors of transportation who would advise RTPAs, an amendment that was adopted in AB 69's language.
future transportation development' and to advise on whether RTPAs with implementation and planning responsibilities should be created.
The Board reiterated their previously held view that the state should maintain responsibility for providing the policy direction to which RTPAs would adhere during their plan and program development, consistent with their vision of multimodal implementation and the ineffectiveness of existing regional governments.
77) RTPAs would now define their own goals, policies and improvement priorities.
developed in the Asturian municipalities destined for production and broadcast of programs RTPA informative content.
The tentative contract marks the conclusion of bargaining for 2013-14 and offers RTPA members with a salary increase of 4% and an increase to the advantages cap of $22.
With all other employee groups settled, the District is eager to begin negotiations with RTPA for the 2014- 15 school year.