RTPCReseau Telephonique Public Commute (French: Public Switched Telephone Network; France)
RTPCReal Time Control Protocol
RTPCRete Telefonica Pubblica Commutata (Italian: Public Service Telephone Network)
RTPCRemote Transmit Power Control
RTPCRadial Time Projection Chamber (physics)
RTPCReal-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (also seen as RTP)
RTPCRéseau Téléphonique Public Commutaté (French: Public Switched Telephone Network)
RTPCRed Telefónica Pública Conmutada (Spanish: Public Switched Telephone Network)
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The extended daily operation and Saturday office will allow members and employers who are unable to pay with our partner banks due to the ongoing system enhancements to comply with the RTPC," Dooc explained.
We'll go back to the standard RTPC procedure once the system resumes," Dooc clarified.
He added that SSS is working hard to ensure that RTPC will normalize by end of June.
Ironically and despite the RTPC claims about the legitimacy of casual gay sex, mainstream discourses sympathetic to the liberationists' cause utilized older assimilationist and liberationists' claims that homosexuals used places such as the Barracks out of fear of discrimination and a need for secrecy.
More importantly, perhaps by arguing that casual gay sex between consenting adults in private was legitimate and socially appropriate behaviour, prominent gay organizations such as the RTPC began to assert the legitimacy of the spaces and to claim them as important social spaces for the community--a position that contrasted starkly with previous claims that expressly gay spaces segregated and oppressed homosexuals.
His memo to Home suggested that books and tobacco should be exempt from the legislation, since they had "already been through the hoop" at the RTPC.
It had extracted a concession from the latter to the effect that a gateway would be allowed for exemption from the bill's provisions if manufacturers could show before the RTPC that abolition would lead to increased prices in the case of a particular product.
El GMSC establece una llamada de trafico (64 Kbps) en la RTPC a traves del protocolo ISDN User Part-ISUP que es un protocolo SS7.
This early, we would like to thank our dedicated employees who will forego their rest day on Saturdays and will extend additional hours working everyday to accept payments and assist our members with the RTPC system, said Dooc.
The RTPC will seek to enhance the participants understanding of their regional environment and how it relates to trade-policy making; develop a good understanding of the WTO, including the agreements; improve their analytical and negotiating skills; learn how to use effectively the relevant information and documentation on trade-related issues; and establish and/or strengthen a network of contacts between participants and with the trainers/experts.
The countries represented in the forthcoming RTPC for Asia Pacific Region include Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam.
The Board considers it important that there be fair, open and transparent access to the Clearing Utility and welcomes the statement of intent by the RTPC members to work constructively with all institutions that join.