RTPCRReverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction
RTPCRReal Time Polymerase Chain Reaction
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Both the reference method tests and the ADA and the RTPCR hybridization probes for M.
In addition, due to the slight overlap of the emission spectra of the dyes, the software's color compensation function was applied during the analysis of all RTPCR experiments.
The quality of Culicoides RNA was assessed by SYBR green real-time PCR (Quantitect SYBR Green RTPCR kit, Qiagen, CA) of the Culicoides sonorensis actin gene CS-Act1D-F686, TATGCCTTACCACATGCT ATCC and Act1D-R805, AATTTCACGTTCGGC AGTTG (10).
It is possible by exploiting more sensitive expression analyzing methods like Real-Time RTPCR alaSOS4 changes by exogenous ABA would be detectable.
Moreover the virus was detected by both RTPCR and isolation in cell culture in 2 specimens that were collected day 9 post onset of parotitis.
CDC protocol of realtime RTPCR for influenza A (H1N1) http://www.
Viral RNA was extracted from allantoic luid by TRIzol (Gibco-BRL, USA) method and reverse transcription was performed with random primers or influenza A specific universal primer (12) and SuperScript III RTPCR system (Invitrogen, USA).
The overall diagnostic accuracies of RIDT and DFA, compared with RTPCR, were 76% and 88%, (Pediatrics 2010 Feb.
They then translated the classifier into an RTPCR platform with 79 genes that showed high accuracy (>90%) in classifying 5 tissue classes and applied it to 13 CUP cases.