RTPFRound Tube Plate Fin (air coil heat exhangers)
RTPFReal-Time Particle Filter (algorithm)
RTPFRural Transport Partnership Fund (UK)
RTPFRoom Temperature Photochemically-Induced Fluorescence
RTPFReal Time Pension Forecasts (UK)
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RTPF products are typically used for applications that cannot use in-tank oil coolers.
From a competitive perspective, the oil cooling requirements of the segment could be more cost effectively met by existing RTPF products.
2%) Table 2: Estimated 2008 Truck Market Segments Product 19 mm 28 mm Heat Transfer Category Market Size RTPF PF PF Heavy Duty Truck/SUV 500,000 X Medium Duty Truck/SUV 3,200,000 X Light Duty Truck/SUV 3,300,000 X Low Oil Cooling requirements 1,000,000 X Total Truck 8,000,000 Table 3: Price and Cost by Market Customer Linear Pricing Model (a) (b) (a x b) Oil Cooler Customer Customer Surface Area Linear Price Expected Segment (sq inches) (per sq in.