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RTQRecreation Training Queensland (now The Queensland Fitness, Sport and Recreation Skills Alliance; Australia)
RTQReal Time Quote(s)
RTQRead The Question
RTQResponse to Query (US DoD)
RTQResponsable Technique Qualifié (French: Qualified Technical Manager)
RTQRetransmission Request
RTQReleased Test Question
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Several domains or scores derived from ASSIST together with scores from other questionnaires (AUDIT, MINI-Plus, RTQ and SDS) were used in the validation process.
By considering above DAG of an application program, we have to compute NRTQ and RTQ of the tasks of given DAG
Las actividades productivas basicamente incluyeron a la milpa de RTQ, los huertos y cria de animales, la recoleccion del bosque, caza y pesca, los ingresos obtenidos fueron complementados con las actividades extraparcela, como el trabajo asalariado, comercio y ecoturismo.
Given the ranks assigned by the experts and respondents of a particular category to RTQ criterion (Table 3), the consistency of their estimates may be determined based on the sum of differences in ranks.
En el caso de la agricultura, esta actividad historicamente la han practicado los itzaes en ambos poblados bajo la modalidad de milpa de RTQ.
1988:127), definen a la RTQ como un sistema de policultivo de zonas tropicales, muy difundido en toda el area cultural mesoamericana, que permitio y permite la reproduccion y subsistencia de la unidad domestica indigena.
kuehniella abdomens (n = 20) for each of the 4 treatments and from 4 abdomens from fresh specimens with RTQ PCR was lower than previously reported in the testis of different strains of E.
DirecTV has approved the use of the new RG6 RTQ series Stirling Push and Lock Coaxial Compression Connectors for its national Home Service Provider Network of contractors and installers.
The 16 items of the RTQ are answered on a seven-point scale from 1 ("definitely agree") to 7 ("definitely disagree"); for example, "In this course we do things so many times that I started doing them without thinking about it" (habitual action), "To pass this course you need to understand the content" (understanding), "I often re-appraise my experience so I can learn from it and improve for my next performance" (reflection), and "This course has challenged some of my firmly held ideas" (critical reflection).
Step (1): Interested Bidders must respond to the referenced RTQ dated June 2016 in order to qualify to receive bids; and Step (2): Bidders who meet the qualifications outlined in the referenced RTQ, and or deemed prequalified, will be invited, to submit lump sum bids.
The early sponsors to RTQ include Ameritrade, Financial Web, and Quick & Reilly's Suretrade.