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RTQRecreation Training Queensland (now The Queensland Fitness, Sport and Recreation Skills Alliance; Australia)
RTQReal Time Quote(s)
RTQRead The Question
RTQResponse to Query (US DoD)
RTQResponsable Technique Qualifié (French: Qualified Technical Manager)
RTQRetransmission Request
RTQReleased Test Question
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Given the ranks assigned by the experts and respondents of a particular category to RTQ criterion (Table 3), the consistency of their estimates may be determined based on the sum of differences in ranks.
The mean values of weight coefficients and average ranks assigned to RTQ criteria by the respondents and experts Group of criteria A B Criterion Criterion Mean Rank Catergory Mean Rank number weight (rank) of weight in a [Q.
kuehniella abdomens (n = 20) for each of the 4 treatments and from 4 abdomens from fresh specimens with RTQ PCR was lower than previously reported in the testis of different strains of E.
With RTQ, our customers now have an improved flexibility in assigning priority tasks that require the fastest service.
The RTQ enhancement to the TOP END environment enables businesses to deploy a reliable and recoverable messaging queuing system for their distributed applications which can be invoked by simply sending a message to another application.
RTQ allows solution providers and system and application designers to break up the processing required to complete a potentially long- running task into many discrete work units.